Tibetan Guru-Padmasambhava Painting

Tibetan Guru-Padmasambhava Painting

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Material :Brocade,Water colors,Paper


The beautiful Tibetan painting is given a refine and detail touch with a deep sense of finesse.

Padmasambhava, (the Lotus Born) transmitted Tantric Buddhism to Bhutan and Tibet in the 8th century. (He is also known as Guru Rinpoche, Precious Master). The followers of the Nyingma school regard him as the second Buddha.

According to tradition, Padmasambhava was born as an eight-year-old child appearing in a lotus blossom floating in Lake Dhanakosha, in the kingdom of Uddiyana (Swat Valley of Ancient India in present-day Pakistan).

His special nature was recognized by the local king who married him to one of his daughters, Mandarava. She and Padmasambhava's other main consort, Yeshe Tsogyal, developed into realised practitioners.

Padmasambhava's ability to memorize and comprehend esoteric texts in a single hearing established his reputation as a master. He developed the power to transcend the cycle of birth and death, accomplishing the so-called great transference, otherwise known as Nirvana.

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