The Nymph 'Apsara' Batik Painting

The Nymph 'Apsara' Batik Painting

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Product Code :2939
Material :Cotton Cloth
Size : 34" x 17"


The heavenly sensual beauty and gorgeous attraction come alive in the spectacular Batik painting. The beautiful Apsara is standing tall with wearing lot of jewelries and beautiful clothes. One of the most celebrated painting styles in India; this genre of painting celebrates the glory of colour and gaiety. Batik paintings are mostly centered on West Bengal, Orissa and Tamil Nadu in India and are known for their originality, uniqueness and finesse. Batik is the art of creating images on the cotton cloth using wax resist method. According to Hindu mythology, Apsaras are the most beautiful women who reside in the Heaven and they entertain the gods.

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