The Endless Knot - Buddhist Pendant

The Endless Knot - Buddhist Pendant
Product Code :3425
Material :Brass, cultured turquoise, glass, watercolors
Size :2"H


In this dazzling Buddhist Pendant, sterling silver, glass and watercolors are used in such a manner that the final product becomes a treasure for any Buddist followers. It is marked by a high level of refinement and finesse. Srivatsa or Endless knot or Mystic diagram is a part of the Buddhist eight jewels or Eight Prercious Truths. (Astamangala) Endless knot symbolizes of the endless cycle of rebirth. It also represents the infinite wisdom of the Buddha and the union of compassion and wisdom. Following Biddhusm by heart is the only solution to get rid of such cycle of birth and rebirth. 

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