Patanjali Neem Tulsi Face Wash - 60gm x 2

Patanjali Neem Tulsi Face Wash - 60gm x 2
Product Code :1417
Material :Neem & Tulsi Face Wash
Weight :60 gm. x 2


Patanjali Neem and Tulsi Face Wash comes in anopaque white tube,the packaging is handy and great for travelling. The cap is a bit tight and shuts well to prevent any leakage. Patanjali Neem and Tulsi Face Wash is light green colored clear gel and has slightly thick sticky consistency, it has a mild herbal neem fragrance which fades way soon. Because of the thick texture only little amount is needed each time and it lathers nicely. Being a soap free face Wash it is not too foaming but cleanses skin thoroughly removing all the dirt, oil and some light makeup as well. Patanjali Neem and Tulsi Face Wash deeply cleanses skin without leaving it dry or stretchy. It is suitable for normal to oily skin. but it will work great for all skin types including dry skin. Patanjali Neem and Tulsi Face Wash help with acne and calms down irritated skin when used regularly the frequency of breakouts has also decreased with it.

Cleanses skin while removing impurities and restoring natural balance
Contains neem, tulsi, honey and aloe
Prevents acne and pimples
Makes skin clean and soft
Suitable for all skin types


Prevents skin infections.
Helps fight acne.
Helps deal with skin blemishes.


It act as a Detoxifying, cleansing & purifying agent.
Effective in treating skin orders & itching.
It has Antibiotic, Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Carcinogenic properties.

How To Use :
Apply on wet face, massage gently for 1 minute with water and then wash.In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water immediately.

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