Nateswara Shiva

Nateswara Shiva
Product Code :1342
Material :Patti Paper (Cotton and Paper Togather)
Size :8"x6""


The Four handed God of dance is painted in his rhythmic motion. The Lord Shiva is one of the Trinity Gods in Hinduism and is responsible for destruction. The dancing form of Lord Shiva is a symbolic synthesis of the most important aspects of Hinduism, and the summary of the central tenets of the religion. The Lord is the King of Dancers and it is perfect image of the activity of God. In a unified and dynamic composition expressing the rhythm and harmony of life, Lord Shiva is shown with four hands represent the four cardinal directions. He is dancing, with his left foot elegantly raised and the right foot on a prostrate figure. The upper left hand holds a flame, the lower left hand points down to the dwarf, who is shown holding a cobra. The upper right hand holds an hourglass drum that stands for the male-female vital principle, the lower shows the gesture of assertion. Snakes that stand for egotism are seen uncoiling from his arms, legs, and hair, which is braided and bejewelled. His matted locks are whirling as he dances within an arch of flames representing the endless cycle of birth and death. On his head is a skull, symbolic of his conquest over death.

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