Honey Love - Prenite Stone Necklace

Honey Love - Prenite Stone Necklace
Product Code :2956
Material :Tumble Prenite and small prediot stones, 9.25 silver
Size :16" L
Weight :108 gms.


Tumble Prenite and small prediot stones are smartly used in this spectacular necklace that will undoubtedly be a proud possession for every woman.

Tumble Prenite is brittle with an uneven fracture and a vitreous to pearly lustre. Its color varies from light green to blue or white and is translucent.

Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love. It is said to connect to the archangel Raphael. Prehnite enhances inner knowledge, showing tje path forward to spiritual growth through attunement to divine energy and connects our desire with the heart. Wearing prehnite helps us strengthen our intuition and recognize truths.

It is used as a stone of vision, it works well during meditation to access higher levels of awareness, stimulating the third eye chakra.

On the other hand, the vivid green of the peridot, with just a slight tinge of gold, is an ideal gemstone colour to go with during the summer. It's the gemstone of the summer month of August.

The rich, green colour with the slight tinge of gold is caused by very fine traces of iron. The intensity of the colour depends on the amount of iron actually present.

The peridot adds a wonderful variant to the colour spectrum of green gemstones. Increasingly, it is processed not only to one-offs, but also for use in series jewellery. And since the world of fashion is just in the process of rediscovering its love for the colour green, the popularity of this rich green gemstone is also very much on the up.

  • Product Code: 2555 

  • Size: 16" L 

  • Weight: 108 gm.

  • Material: Tumble Prenite and small prediot stones, 9.25 silver

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