Benevolent God Vinayaka

Benevolent God Vinayaka
Product Code :5313
Material :Brass, Reconstituted Turquoise and Coral
Size :7.75"H x 9"W x 5"D
Weight :4.560 Kg.


In this stout figure of Lord Vinayak, he is crafted out of brass and is without his usual headgear. The use of reconstituted turquoise (blue) and red coral has given added more beauty to the otherwise simple yet attractive brass figure. The four-armed god is sitting on the ground and is holding a sweet in his one hand. The figure depicts a sense of simplicity and devotion. The Lord is one of the most benevolent gods in Hinduism as Lord Ganesha can be propitiated easily by just offering a sweet, his favourite. He is the Lord of Wisdom as well as the Remover of Obstacles. The Lord creates obstacles in our path but at the same time removes the same following worship. The Lord is invoked first before beginning any ritual.

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